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  • £0.49

    Big Resin Burger Pendant/Charm

    29mm x 25mm x 17mm.  Sold in a pack of  1.  Lovely chunky burger in a sesame bun charm!

  • £0.49

    Large Resin Fried Egg Pendant

    47.5x40x8.5mm  Pack of 1. These would be great as a Key Charm or fun Pendant

  • £1.50

    Handmade Polymer Clay 'Fancies' Charms

    Super cute mini fancies charms! Handmade with polymer clay they'll make adorable little earrings,a pendant hanging from a chain or even a bracelet ...

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  • Sold out

    Big 'n Chunky Cupcake Resin Pendant. 'Red'

    32mm x 33mm. Pack of 1

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  • £2.25

    Natural Chip Gemstone Charm with lobster clasp

    50mm L x 15mm W. Pack of 1

  • £0.60

    Egg on Toast Polymer Clay Charm

    Cute egg on toast charms!  Perfect for earrings!!  30mm L x 15mm W. Packs of 2

  • £0.81

    Big Lolly Polyclay Pendant 'Lemon & Lime'

    56 x 27 10mm. Cute white,green and white swirled polyclay lollipops.  Sold in packs of 2

  • £1.49

    Resin Green Apple Charms

    14.5 x 13 x 12mm . Pack of 4 Super cute fruit charms. Great for earrings or anything else you fancy creating!

  • £2.10

    18ct Gold Plated Multi Coloured Cubic Zirconia Mini Charms

    A random mix of 3 mini 18 Carat Gold Plated CZ charms in pretty colours complete with an attached jump ring. Charms measure 1cm in length. Colours ...

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  • £0.60

    Ice Blue Ice Lolly Polymer Clay Charm

    30mm L x 15mm W. Packs of 2.  So cute! perfect for a pair of funky earrings!

  • £0.50

    Big Bright Red Cute Apple Pendant

    28 x 27 x 11mm. Pack of 2.  Beautifully cute bright red polyclay apples.  Ideal for a fruity pair of earrings or anything else you may fancy adding...

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  • £0.40

    Star Shaped Biscuit Charm

    Approx. 20mm Long. Packs of 1.  Super cute mini star shaped cream filled poly clay biscuits!

  • £0.85

    Big Lolly Polyclay Pendant. 'Peppermint'

    56 x 27 x 10mm. Pack of 2

  • £0.82

    Big Lolly Polyclay Pendant 'Fruit Punch'

    56 x 27 x 10mm. Cute polyclay candy striped lollipops.  Sold in packs of 2

  • £1.60

    'Milly Meringue' charm

    Handmade meringue charm with fixing eye. Sold as a pair.

  • £1.49

    Cream filled biscuits charm

    Handmade creme filled biscuits charm with fixing eye. Sold as a pair for making into earrings or a necklace.

  • £2.60

    Gold Plated with Cubic Zirconia ' Cheeky Bikini' (Pink) Charms

    I love these! Super cute and super cheeky little gold plated and cubic zirconia pink bikini top charms! These are very unusual!! They measure acros...

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  • £2.99

    Cloisonne butterfly pendant charm

    Supplied individually. Random colour choice. Approx size 25mm x 16mm With a large hole through the middle for a chain or similar.

  • £1.80

    'Some Bunny Loves You' Cute Resin Pendants

    These are super cute! Adorable little rabbits made of resin to brighten up your day! Sold in packs of 2, these rabbits measure approx 2cm down from...

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  • £0.99

    'Bee Cute' Bee Silver Plated Charms.

    Adorable little silver plated bee charms.  These little guys measure approx 10.5 mm Long and 10mm Wide.  Sold in packs of 2

  • £0.75

    Handmade Polymer Clay 'Yummy Pizza' Charms

    Adorable little slices of pizza! Can be used in whatever way you fancy! (Personally I think they'd look great on a charm bracelet but that's just m...

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  • £3.20

    18ct Gold Plated with Cubic Zirconia 'Beautiful Bovines' Charms

    Super cute moos that come in packs of two!  They're genuine 18ct gold plated with CZ Crystals for added sparkle. They'd be' udderly' amazing (sorry...

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  • £0.60

    Happy Toast Slices Big Polymer Clay Charm/Pendant

    40mm L x 20mm W. Packs of 2. Adorable happy slices of polymer clay toast!  Great for some fun unique earrings!!

  • £0.60

    'Bright Pink' Ice Lolly Polymer Clay Charm

    30mm x 15mm.  Cute bright pink polyclay ice lollies!  Perfect for a pair of unusual earrings!