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Beautiful beads, gifts and bath products!
Beautiful beads, gifts and bath products!

Angel Card Reading


These Divine Beings are always there to help you but we don't always believe it! They love you unconditionally, guide you, help you with life choices, they protect you, they never tell you what to do but they will allow you to take the wrong path but afterwards they will always make sure they get you back onto the right one once again. Angels will do this so you learn from your mistakes. Every life experience you have good or bad is meant to happen to you, each experience makes you you. Come and find out which Angels are in your life and find out the important personal Angelic messages they have just for you.

A note on Angel Card readings: As with any Divination technique I will ask you to choose the cards you are drawn to, I will then explain each of the meanings of each card chosen. I must stress, although Divination cards are a useful tool to help you with personal life situations and they may help you with current issues relating to yourself they are also for entertainment purposes too.

All treatments are carried out in our private treatment room at 21 Lochnell Street, Lochgilphead, PA31 8JL.